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The Chamber Music Department of the Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk was established in 1969 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019. It is one of the oldest Departments in Poland specialising in ensemble music and one of the most distinguished in this field.

Chamber music occupies an important place in our university. The Department brings together ensembles of all specialties, achieving outstanding quantitative and qualitative successes of student chamber ensembles.

ACMC Staff

The Team

The faculty of our Department consists of six accomplished musicians that are presented below. It is also important that in the process of students education we cooperate with over 30 other instrumentalists of various specialities.

Artistic and scientific sessions


Z zapomnianych kart

From the Forgotten Pages of Polish Chamber Music

The main objective of the session is to restore to concert programmes the immeasurable wealth of Polish musical literature, often completely forgotten and underestimated, abandoned in the whirlwind of history, but fortunately preserved for posterity.

This is an event of unique tradition on a national scale, bringing together circles of musicians-cameralists from Poland and abroad.

The project consists of several integral elements. These include monographic lectures delivered by recognised authorities from Polish and foreign music academies who have studied Polish music of the previous centuries; accompanying concerts where speakers and invited musicians present works discussed during the lectures; publishing exhibitions; a post-conference monograph with the possibility of extending the subject matter of the most creative and innovative lectures; and, since the last edition, also a CD recorded by aMuz professors preserving the works presented during the session.

The event is a joint project of the Department of Chamber Music and the Department of String Instruments, organised cyclically at the Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk since 2014.

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Muzyka kameralna

Chamber Music – Artistic, Didactic and Social Values

Chamber music cannot be omitted in life nor in musical education. It is a field which in the contemporary times must be supported by proper knowledge. The canon of this knowledge is the correct, according to the chamber music theory, reading of the score of the work, whereas the artistic effect of musical fulfilment, is a partnership based on this knowledge. The comprehensive range of issues related to performance in chamber ensembles is an inspiration for the continuous search for the essence of joint music-making.

The session aims at introducing the issues of chamber music from various points of view, as mentioned in the title. It has the form of open lectures and concerts, featuring speakers – chamber musicians from music academies all over the country and chamber ensembles from aMuz.

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We post the latest news and any additional information about the activities of ACMF on our Facebook page.

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We regularly organise chamber music masterclasses for aMuz students led by distinguished artists. Over the last twenty years we have hosted several dozens of outstanding chamber musicians from over twenty countries. Master classes have been given by, among others:

Aleksander Bondurianski, Duo Tal&Groethuysen, Avedis Kouyoumdjian, Guarneri Trio Prague, Sebastian Hamann, Michael Vaiman, Michael Flaksman, Silver Garburg Piano Duo, Alexander String Quartet, Volker Stenzl, Tomasz Tomaszewski, Genova & Dimitrov Piano Duo, Katarzyna Jankowska-Borzykowska, Elmira Darvarova, Ayami Ikeba, Maria Szwajger-Kułakowska, Tigran Alikhanov, Petras Kunca, Maxim Puryzhinskiy.

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A major part of our artistic activity consists of organising and participating in chamber music concerts. The vast majority of concerts are cyclical events:

Young Gdańsk Chamber Music Festival

An event organised every year continuously since 1997 in February. The performers are the best student chamber ensembles.

Concerts of the Department of Chamber Music

Held at aMuz every third Monday of the month from October to May each year.

Exchange concerts with other universities in Poland and abroad

A recently initiated cycle which we intend to extend to include foreign centres.

In addition, teachers and outstanding student chamber ensembles take part in concerts during the Chamber Music Festival in the Old Town Hall in Gdańsk, as part of the Music at Uphagen's – Youth Stage cycle, and Thursday Musical Evenings at the Sierakowski Manor House in Sopot, at the Gdańsk University of Technology, in the Portrait Hall of the West Kashubian Museum in Bytów, in Music Schools in Gdynia, Gdańsk, and Kwidzyn, and in Nursing Homes in Wrzeszcz and Oliwa.

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Our successes

Chamber ensembles formed by aMuz students and taught by the pedagogues from Chamber Music Department have already won over 200 awards and distinctions all over the world! Every year our student ensembles are awarded at least a dozen new awards. We are effective in teaching and we are passionate about it.

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